Marbling on Fabric





Instructor: Pietro Accardi
Skill Level: All Levels
Materials Fee: $35.00
Length of workshop: 1 day

Date: Thursday, June 27, 2019



Workshop description:

This workshop is for new students and for those who have prior marbling experience or have taken the introductory class. The skills learned in Paper Marbling will be applied to Marbling on Fabric, while familiarizing students with new materials. We will discuss techniques and tips needed to successfully marble on fabric, choosing the best fabric for marbling, and how to prepare it for the dyeing process. New, more complex patterns will be demonstrated and attention will be given to important nuances in the practice. The main focus will be marbling on fabric to create bookcloth, but techniques for other textile uses will also be discussed. During the afternoon of guided and personal practice, students will create their own stack of 12-15 marbled fabric pieces. Paper will also be provided for those who wish to practice. Pietro’s wife Vanessa will also be available for guidance. All materials will be provided. Bring an apron. Please note that paper marbling is a wet process and pieces made at the workshop may not be dry at the end of class.

Materials/equipment to be supplied by students:

Materials/equipment to be provided by instructor:
All materials provided