Keynote Speaker

Our featured speaker for the conference is Sarah Maker who describes book art as “when an artist gives you something and says, ‘This is a book,’ and you let that inform the way you interact with it.” She writes, “I love distilling books to their elemental forms and augmenting my stories with structure, scale, materials, and interaction. How big or little should the work be to emphasize the concept? What materials should be a part of this story? How do I want people to interact with the work? How should it be presented and/or housed that makes the ‘reader’ a participant in the story?”.

Sarah’s work is inspired by the world and issues around her. Community plays a significant part in her artistic process and informs the books she makes and the risks she takes. She started the #AreYouBookEnough challenge on Instagram to educate the world about the book arts and foster meaningful bonds between book artists. She started her shared studio space, Editions because, she says, “I know what it’s like to want to create work that embodies your soul and not have the tools to do it.” Join us for a presentation you won’t want to miss as Sarah talks to us about her motivations and enthusiasms.

Selene Fisher


FridayJune 28th7:15pm-8:30pm


Instructional Technology Center, Room 211 (auditorium)

365 Monmouth Ave N, Monmouth, OR 97361