A very dedicated group of people helps with planning, organizing and managing the conference. If you’re interested in volunteering with FOBA, you can help from wherever you live.

We are very proud that we’ve been able to put on the Focus on Book Arts Conference every two years with an all-volunteer staff.

Every bit of your help makes a difference.

With the exception of at-conference volunteer needs, you do not need to be in the Portland, Oregon area to help. Many of our board and committee members are scattered around the United States.

FOBA 2024 Conference Volunteering

Hosting FOBA every two years is a complex endeavor for our all-volunteer organization and a labor of love for our board, conference committee, and other volunteers who work throughout the year to ensure its success. The more hands involved, the lighter the work for all and there are many ways to support FOBA before, during, and after the conference.

Conference volunteers contribute in a variety of essential ways. Whether helping with setup and take down, staffing the information desk and check-in, directing participants to events, being a classroom helper, selling raffle tickets, or assisting with evening programs, we welcome you to share your time and talents to ensure a successful FOBA for all.

Details about volunteer opportunities at FOBA 2024 will be available soon. In the meantime, if you are interested in volunteering in any capacity, we would love to hear from you. Please contact Cindy Luxhoj at volunteer@focusonbookarts.org to express your interest.

Another way to contribute is with a tax-deductible donation or conference sponsorship. Both support our educational mission and help keep costs affordable for FOBA participants, while enabling us to compensate instructors fairly. Donations also help us build up seed money necessary for future conferences and programs. For sponsorship information, please contact Jean Wyatt at conferenceinfo@focusonbookarts.org

Planning and Prepping for the Conference

Focus on Book Arts Conference planning and organizing continues during our off-conference years. Each FOBA board member has specific responsibilities related to the biennial conference. As we begin the planning for the 2024 conference, we have openings for some positions on the board. We’re seeking board members who will be responsible for specific aspects of the conference.

Many of these board members rely on teams to help with the organizing of the conference. For instance, the Events Planner has volunteer(s) for each of the different events (i.e., trade show, faculty exhibit, speakers, etc.) and activities (i.e., raffle, challenge book, etc.). If you’re not yet ready to commit to joining the board, you may want to consider helping with a specific part of the conference and volunteering to join a team.

FOBA Open Positions

As we begin our planning for a 2024 FOBA Conference, we have a couple of open board positions to fill. If you are interested in finding out more about positions on the board, please contact Jean at conferenceinfo@focusonbookarts.org. The open positions include Conference Director for the next conference and Fundraising and Development Coordinator.   

Conference Director:

  • Manage the organization and planning for the biennial book arts conference. Lead a team of volunteers who are responsible for all the aspects of putting on the conference.
  • Work with the president and treasurer to establish and manage the budget for the conference.’

Development/Fund Raising

  • Work with the board to develop sustainable sources of income for FOBA to ensure we can offer a robust and successful conference that is as affordable as possible for all attendees.
  • Additionally, help support the Fellowship and scholarship programs. Sources of income may include grants, sponsorships, donations, fellowship raffle, and events that provide funds to FOBA..