A very dedicated group of people helps with planning, organizing and managing the conference. If you’re interested in volunteering with FOBA, you can help from wherever you live.

We are very proud that we’ve been able to put on the Focus on Book Arts Conference every two years with an all-volunteer staff.

Every bit of your help makes a difference.

With the exception of at-conference volunteer needs, you do not need to be in the Portland, Oregon area to help. Many of our board and committee members are scattered around the United States.


Volunteers are always needed to help with setting up the conference before it starts and taking it down when it is over. Some of these set-up and take-down activities are physical.

In addition to setting up and taking down the conference, here are some of the other volunteer opportunities during the FOBA Conference:

  • Supporting the raffle and other activities occurring in our main information area.
  • Directing attendees to the check-in area.
  • During the conference “class helpers” are needed to pass out workshop and conference evaluations, and then pick them up and return them to the information desk area.
  • Helping with various events and activities taking place during the conference. This may be directing people to the event, helping people to make a small project and other support at an activity or event.

If you’d like to volunteer during the conference contact the Volunteer Coordinator at volunteer@focusonbookarts.org or the Conference Coordinator at conferenceinfo@focusonbookarts.org


Focus on Book Arts Conference planning and organizing continues during our off-conference years. Each FOBA board member has specific responsibilities related to the conference. Many of these board members rely on teams to help with the organizing of the conference. For instance, the Events and Activities lead has a volunteer(s) for each of the different events (i.e., trade show, faculty exhibit, speakers, etc.) and activities (i.e., raffle, challenge book, etc.). You may want to consider helping with a specific part of the conference and joining a team.

The activities that help with the planning and preparation for the conference include:

  • Helping with specific tasks for a committee. This may include letter writing, working with computers, compiling information, making and assembling kits, working with images, doing social media updates, etc.
  • Organizing a single aspect of the conference. This may include organizing the raffle, artists’ fair, or other event or activity that happens at the conference.

If you are interested in volunteering with FOBA in any of these capacities, please contact the Cheryl Ball at volunteer@focusonbookarts.org