Thank you so much for your interest in supporting Focus on Book Arts. The Focus on Book Arts conference is an all-volunteer organization. Our mission is to develop and present a national biennial conference, with workshops, lectures, exhibits, and other activities related to the book arts, that offers artistic and community development. Your sponsorship to support FOBA and the events and activities of the conference helps to make the upcoming conference robust, fun, and educational for all attendees and also keeps the conference viable and continuing into the future.

While the FOBA conference is about learning and participating in book arts through the workshops, the many events and activities that take place during the conference enhance the experience of our participants. These provide opportunities for additional learning, networking, sharing of ideas, techniques and experiences.

These many events and activities are opportunities for special sponsorship mention. Your sponsorship of these events and activities enables us to make them the best they can be. As part of your sponsorship you may select the event or activity for which you wish special mention to be done.

However, if you would like to have your sponsorship support the Conference as a whole, you can select General Conference or leave the section blank. Note that all sponsorship monies will be used to support FOBA and no funds will be restricted to support a particular event or activity.

If you are interested in sponsoring the FOBA 2024 Conference, please complete the form below and pay with your credit card. If you would prefer to send a check you may print the form and send it with your check. Checks may be sent to: 

Focus on Book Arts
c/o Jean Wyatt
P.O. Box 3201
Sequim, WA 93382

Sponsorship Levels

BenefitBook ClothMarbled PaperLetterpressGold Leaf
Presence on FOBA website sponsor pageListing1/4 column1/2 columnFull column
Logo on Sponsor PageNameSmall LogoMedium LogoLarge Logo
Your website link on Sponsor pagexxxx
Your phone number on Sponsor pagexxxx
Headline/Tagline2-3 Words5-7 words7-9 words
Your business description20 word description50 word description
Additional page on websitecan include tips & tricks, products etc
Video Interview (or transcript) with you to be released on the websitex
NewsletterName, websiteSmall Logo, website, taglineMedium Logo, website, tagline, short description, featured sponsor in 1 newsletter (May, June or July)Large Logo, website, tagline, description, featured sponsor in 1 newsletter (May, June or July)
Social MediaName and websiteSmall Logo, website and taglineMedium Logo, website, tagline and short descriptionLarge Logo, website, tagline and description
Participant HandbookName, websiteSmall Logo, website, taglineMedium Logo, website, short descriptionLarge Logo, website, description
Include sponsor brochure or business card in welcome bagxxxx
Mention at the Welcome Reception and Hospitality Nightxxxx



$500 - $999

$1000 - $1999

$2000 & over

Specific Sponsorship Opportunities for the 2024 FOBA Conference:
As part of your sponsorship you may select an event or activity that you would like to support.
They are as follows:

  • General Conference Sponsorship
  • Participant Handbook
  • Welcome Reception
  • Hospitality Night
  • Faculty Staff Exhibit
  • Evening Speaker
  • Challenge Book prizes