For this exhibit we welcomed literal and figurative interpretations of “Where We Live,” which included musings on or responses to:

  • A physical residence (house, studio, city/state/country)
  • An environment (woods/forest, beach, desert, city, museum, library, gallery, studio, work)
  • Locations where we feel centered, creative, challenged, energized, relaxed, or positive
  • Where we live in our imaginations (memories of childhood, family, or friends; where we escape to in our fantasies)


About the Jurors

Selections were made in a blind jury process by Laura Russell and Erin Mickelson.

Laura Russell

Laura Russell is a photographer and book artist who creates hand-bound, limited-edition artist books that incorporate photographs of our urban landscape and tell a story about our culture and our communities.

She has participated in national and international book arts and fine art exhibitions. Her books are collected by individual collectors and are in major collections at museums, libraries, universities and corporations. Currently splitting her time between Tucson and Portland, Laura is also the founder of 23 Sandy Gallery.

Erin Mickelson

Erin Mickelson is a book artist operating under the imprint Broken Cloud Press. Her work is held in public and private collections and includes artist books, printmaking, and new & mixed media.

Erin is also the owner of 23 Sandy Gallery, a gallery featuring unique and limited edition artist books.