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Erin Fletcher: Exploring Embroidery on PaperBrenda Gallagher: Beaded Miniature Books

Elline Lipkin: Writing in Blanks

Mary-Ellen Campbell: Sun and EarthCANCELLED Sarah Matthews: Block Printed Flag Books
Hayley Ferber: Introduction to Artist BooksLaurel Herbek : Coptic Cross Stitch Journal
Ann Kronenberg: Interlocked--Woven Paper in Book Arts--Structure and OrnamentAnn Kronenberg: Intelligent Design: Creating Your Own Book Structures
CANCELLED  Ginger Burrell: Four Seasons in a Spiral Tunnel BookCANCELLED  Ginger Burrell: Creativity, Collage and Coptic Stitch 

CANCELLED Hope Amico: Collage Techniques for Altered Books

Helen Shafer Garcia: Watermedia Approaches for Book StructuresHelen Shafer Garcia: Woven Stitch Collagraph Book
Pietro Accardi: Intensive Marbling on Paper and Fabric
CANCELLED Yoshi Nakagawa: Nengajo Linocut Paper Quilt ExchangeYoshi Nakagawa: Native Plant Transfer PrintmakingRoberta Lavadour: Funky Foldy: Fun Structures for the Studio or ClassroomAbigail Merickel: Solar Plate Etching and Monotype
Roberta Lavadour: Variations on the Sewn Board BindingShawn Sheehy: A Satisfaction of MovablesShawn Sheehy: Movable Magic: The Animating Binding
Margo Klass: The Unfolding Box Book

Margo Klass: Woodland JournalPietro Accardi: Secretary Box
Elsi Vassdal Ellis: Moving Steps BindingElsi Vassdal Ellis: Stick Binding VassdalElsi Vassdal Ellis: Panel Book with BoxElsi Vassdal Ellis: Reimagining the Humble Rubbing
Kristen Doty: Drawing & Lettering SketchbookMary-Ellen Campbell: Artbound-Binding Techniques for Single Sheets
Brenda Gallagher: Design with Scraps to Make a Hard Cover Long Stitch JournalCasey Newman: Indigo Dyeing Fabric and PaperCasey Newman: Botanical Printing and Creating a Nature-Inspired Book