Mary-Ellen Campbell – Artbound-Binding Techniques for Single Sheets

Instructor: Mary-Ellen Campbell

Number of Days: 2 Days Skill Level: All levels Material fee: $25 Maximum Number of Student: 10

Workshop Description:

If you’ve ever wanted to bind prints, digital photos, or paintings that are on single sheets, we will learn both non-adhesive, folded bindings and sewn bindings. A simple album to Hedi Kyle’s Crown, and Claire Van Vliet’s Slash bindings based on concertina folds allow pages to be added and removed. On the 2nd day two sewn bindings: single page coptic and figure 8 stitch used to create sculptural books or hanging books can incorporate heavy weight pages from various materials such as board, wood, metals, foam to be used as single pages will also be taught. Students can choose to bring pre-made artwork for binding or bind blank pages to be filled in or replaced later. 5 sample books will be completed.

Materials/equipment to be provided by students:

pencilsbone folder cutting tools-scissors, utility blade card-weight paper for patternsmetal ruler pages with personal artwork to bind-if desired favorite decorative papers for covers

Materials Provided by Instructor:

Foam tyvek acrylics sponges book board cutting surfaces text paper book board for covers thread, needle piercer and bone folder if student doesn’t bring their own screws PVA, glue brushes, containers assorted decorative papers handouts. Prerequisites: 

Instructor Bio:

Mary-Ellen Campbell, holding advanced art degrees from Michigan State U and Pratt Institute, NY, is Professor Emerita of art with 34 years of teaching. She taught book arts workshops abroad and across the United States at San Francisco Center for the Book, Mendocino Art Center, CA, Sitka, OR and other art centers. She has had more than 16 solo and 85 group shows including her mixed media art and books. Her 12 art residencies where she made numerous books about place include New Zealand, Australia, Finland, Costa Rica, Turkey, Kenya and various states. Website: