Laurel Roos Herbeck – Coptic Cross Stitch Journal

Instructor: Laurel Roos Herbeck

Number of Days: 2 Days Skill Level: Intermediate Material fee: $35 Maximum Number of Student: 10

Workshop Description:

This journal combines Coptic stitch and Cross-stitch in an elegant and stunning binding. The Coptic stitch is a two-needle across the spine sewing, while the Cross stitch is sewn along the binding simultaneously as the Coptic stitches progress to form a complex stitched binding. For this two day class the instructor will provide the pre-cut book board, an assortment of decorative papers (washi or marbled papers) for the cover linings, choices of backcloth for the covers, a choice of waxed linen and embroidery thread colors, text weight paper (pre-cut) for the text block, and Bugra paper for section guards and cover linings. The first day students will fold and punch paper, cover book board, select thread and begin the Coptic stitch in the first three sections. The second day will be spent learning the cross-stitch and completing the spine sewing. In addition, pockets may be added to compensate for the spine thickness. If time allows we will add the pockets in class, If not students will leave with paper and pocket patterns to complete at a later date. 

Materials/equipment to be provided by students:

Sewing needles, PVA glue, 2” wide ruler, metal rules (optional), awl and foam core to punch on, pencils, coring tool and teflon or bone folder,  Cutting mat, mini clamps (4), Plywood blocks- 6″ x 8″ or larger (2), wax paper, and scrap paper for gluing.

Materials Provided by Instructor:

Dremel tool, Precut Arches paper, Decorative papers, Bugra paper, Waxed linen thread, embroidery thread Prerequisites:  Thread a needle and wax the thread Determine cloth and paper grain & match the grain of different components of a book Fold paper using a bone folder and assemble signatures Tie a weaver’s knot Sew a kettle stitch Glue up paper or cloth to cover binder’s board Use a Dremel tool Simple sewn text block for codex book Coptic stitch book

Instructor Bio:

Laurel Roos Herbeck is a retired secondary Art teacher.  She has extensive experience in drawing, painting, printing, collage, mixed media, weaving and stitching, and has been making art books since 2009. She is a founding member of the Northwoods Book Arts Guild and current Vice-President of the Board. She is a long time member and former weaving instructor for the Fairbanks Weaver’s and Spinner’s Guild and former president of the Alaska Art Education Association. Laurel has resided in Fairbanks, Alaska since 1976 where she continues to teach workshops, develop curriculum, and practice fiber and book arts. Website: N/A