Brenda Gallagher – Beaded Miniature Books

Instructor: Brenda Gallagher

Number of Days: 1 Day Skill Level: Beginner Material fee: $10 Maximum Number of Student: 12

Workshop Description:

Students will make several miniature books with beaded spines. We will cut small pages and fold into signatures. Then a miniature case will be created by covering small boards with decorative paper and book cloth spines. Students will then make several beaded books. We will learn simple macrame using waxed linen thread adding beads in a variety of designs. Book pages will then tied in with macrame weavings. Optional, students can add a ribbon for hanging the book like an ornament. If you wanted to extend this class to two days, we could start with mark making to paint and design covering paper (similar to the main photograph which is created with hand designed paper.) We could also explore beading with wire and attaching book pages by casing in instead of tying. In that case students would also need painting supplies, brushes and wire working tools. I would provide all paper and wire.

Materials/equipment to be provided by students:

Beads of a variety of sizes (instructor will provide a selection), scissors or X-acto knife, glue brush, bone folder and (optional) scraps of decorative paper or bookcloth you might wish to use.

Materials Provided by Instructor:

Bookboards cut to size, paper for book pages, glue, thread for binding and sewing books, needles, waxed linen thread for macrame, beads, book cloth and decorative paper. Prerequisites: 

Instructor Bio:

Brenda Gallagher is a graphic designer, book artist, and design fine bookbinder. She is an enthusiastic teacher of letterpress and bookbinding for students of all ages. Brenda is also a graduate of the American Academy of Bookbinding in Telluride where she earned a diploma of design fine binding  Website: