nif hodgson – fluid horizons

FOBA 2021 Juried Exhibition

Completed 2017/2021 
Editions: 23 ev
Dimensions closed: 3.5” x 6” x 0.75”
Materials: screenprint and archival pigment ink on translucent film
Artist resides in Los Angeles, California 

fluid horizons is a visual meditation on the interwoven experiences of time, place, memory and awareness. Twenty photographs are selected from hundreds, and are variably arranged so that the selection of one image influences the selection of the next. Translucent materials and a flexible dragon-scale binding interpret Henri Bergson’s idea of the “mobility of the mind,” which reflects on how we are able to arrange and experience fragments of memory simultaneously with in-the-moment perception.

The sum contemplates how the simplest of scenes is colored by the history and views of the observer, while its momentary conditions influence thoughts, memories, and the senses. Each book is shaped by a unique spectrum of encounters. And the sensitive materials lightly wear with viewing and play, just as memory faintly fogs with time and recollection.

Developed in 2017 after photographing the endless Gualala horizons with billy ocallaghan. Refined and bound in 2021. Some things take time.

nif hodgson (Los Angeles, California)

Born in Washington, D.C., currently residing in Los Angeles, and living more than a dozen places in between, nif considers the landscape of a sense of place through ideas on perception, and phenomenology. She received a BA in English from UT Austin, and an MFA in Print-making from San Francisco State University. Her artist books and collaborations are published under the imprint “subtext press,” and explore how we perceive space, duration, what may be overlooked, and what doesn’t need to be said.