nif hodgson – light, contour & exciting the field

FOBA 2021 Juried Exhibition

Completed 2019/2021 
Editions: 33 ev 
Dimensions closed: 4.25” x 7.5” x 0.5” 
Materials: letterpress and screenprint ink, surface gampi, peach-fuzz textured paper, hand-backed silk, translucent film
Artist resides in Los Angeles, California

light, contour & exciting the field reflects on the transforming nature of light and its ability to reveal, suggest, and change what and how we see.

The drawings collect shadows from unseen objects that fall across unremarkable forms to create fleeting structures that do not exist. If not for the unique light and orientations in that moment, these locations and elements would have gone unnoticed.

Matte ink is screenprinted on reflective gampi to create tonal inversions that highlight the flipping of the senses. The Venus, New Caledonia, and Copperplate Light typefaces are a nod to vintage pocket atlases and their “definitive,” “accurate,” and “complete” surveys of the known world. As individual observations are varied and unique, every print is varied and each collection is unique.

nif hodgson (Los Angeles, California)

Born in Washington, D.C., currently residing in Los Angeles, and living more than a dozen places in between, nif considers the landscape of a sense of place through ideas on perception, and phenomenology. She received a BA in English from UT Austin, and an MFA in Print-making from San Francisco State University. Her artist books and collaborations are published under the imprint “subtext press,” and explore how we perceive space, duration, what may be overlooked, and what doesn’t need to be said.