Lyn Patterson – Cora

Artist Statement

Cora is an artist book that focuses on themes of identity, ancestry, generational trauma, and personal narrative. It was born from two years of chronicling family history and processing family archives. The artist uses these materials and stories to explore the intersection of personal storytelling and national history.

The artist book contains 8 original poems, quotes, and visuals set in two typefaces designed by Black typographic artists: VTC Du Bois Trail Narrow from Vocal Type Co and Format 1452 Medium by Frank Adebiaye from Velvetyne Type Foundry. The poems and images were produced by Patterson and captured along her travels.

Materials & Technique

Cora is an unbound artist book in a clamshell box which uses typography, poetry, photography and archival work generated by the artist.

The pages I’m sending are meant for display and scaled up for wall hanging.

About Lyn Patterson

She is a poet, educator, and zine enthusiast. She is currently enrolled in the Book Arts/MFA program at Mills College.