Leigh Blom – 3 AM


Leigh Blom


3 AM

Techniques & Materials:

This book is an accordion book with pop up features using scrap book paper to create the images within. The four pages of the book allow the book to either be stretched wide so the entire book can be seen at once or the book can be arranged in a circle in order for the viewer to walk around the book experiencing each page separately.

Artist Statement: We all have dreams of a different more exciting life that we could be living if we weren’t where we are, or who we are. This book is an exploration of those dreams through the character of a house cat. The house cat, who pictures themselves as mighty cheetah, uses the shadows in an empty room to imagine and explore their grand adventure. They meet the strange, they have a conference of kings, they fight a savage creature and they ride off in glory, in this particular story. This book exists to remind the viewer of these simple moments of dreaming and creating a new story for ourselves. Our lives do not need to be serious or factual all of the time. We should take moments to dream of new things.