Kristi Galbraith – Montana Dreamin’


Kristi Galbraith


Montana Dreamin’

Techniques & Materials:

Photo Art, Marbled paper, paper weaving, triaxial weaving, wooden covers with Dremel lettering, leather straps, long stitch binding over leather straps, thread woven into some page, beads and charms added to ends of barbed wire fence weaving pages. All written entries made with dip pens, with different colors for my own thoughts, and quotes from books, etc. about Montana, dreams, and memories. Antique maps and sheet music from Montana included throughout.

Artist Statement: I have wanted to create a book with wooden covers for quite a while, and took a great workshop at the 2019 FOBA from Rhiannon Alpers, where I learned the technique of using leather straps on wood, and then binding over the straps. Once I found an old board I liked, and I started thinking about how dreams and memories blend together for me, especially with my photos – my concept came together. My collection of Montana photos has grown and grown, so I wanted a place to showcase some of my favorites – as well as experiment with using a paintbrush filter on all the photos. I also was able to write out my feelings for the place that always seems dreamy to me. Designing and creating the barbed wire fence weavings was a new challenge for me, too. I learned a lot while making this book – and it was so much fun!