Heather Doyle-Maier – Toaster

Artist Statement

Toaster was inspired by an aging appliance with an erratic tendency to scorch whatever food was popped into it and the discussions of fault that then ensued in our kitchen. With room for only a single phrase on each page (piece of bread) in the accordion, the pivotal moment can be slowed down and considered before action is taken or further heated words are exchanged. This book is one of the Domestic Discussions series, in which marital conversations intersect with household appliances.

Materials & Technique

The pages of Toaster are made from bond paper and were hand-printed with rubber stamps and sewn together with embroidery thread. The toaster base is constructed from x-board with vintage buttons repurposed as the toaster controls. The lid is also constructed from x-board and covered with silver tea chest (lokta) paper. Tyvek is used as a connective layer in both the accordion and the base.