Laura DeGrace – Portland OR

FOBA 2021 Challenge Book

Technique and materials used:

The overall box/book structure is one I learned at a recent Sitka workshop here in Oregon. The teacher was ME Campbell. The paper is Japanese decorative paper (brown and green) and the cover is mulberry (white). I created my texture by creating rubbings of old iron city water street covers that I think are very pretty and unique to Portland. I added prints of ferns from Forest Park. I also added words describing Portland and Oregon using my typewriter. The contents of the box are from various places in Oregon including lavender from my front yard.

About the work:

Portland to me is an integral part of Oregon in that it is a center from which you can also travel to oceans, mountains, and deserts. It is a very special place, slightly gritty at times but always organic and invested in its place in the environment. I wanted an organic look which is why I chose to do rubbings and include actual elements of nature in the box. Portland has also suffered throughout this year like many places and that is also why I wanted the soft look of the rubbings. Ultimately though Portland survives and will continue to thrive.