Angela Batchelor – Jacob’s Dream & God’s Promise


Angela Batchelor


Jacob’s Dream & God’s Promise

Techniques & Materials:

paper, hand decorated paper collage, ink, mod podge, book cloth, leather, magnet, vellum

Artist Statement: Jacob is a pivotal figure in the Old Testament, being the son of Isaac and the grandson of Abraham. Although imperfect and flawed, God chooses to use Jacob to build the nation of Israel. At a crucial time in his life, God reveals himself to Jacob in a famous dream where a ladder is set between heaven and earth that angels ascend and descend on. Through this dream God promises Jacob that his descendants will be given the land as an inheritance and that He will be with Jacob wherever he goes. What a promise! Jacob awakes in awe that he has seen God’s blessing and providence in that seemingly humble place and sets up a memorial stone as a remembrance. My artist book captures the space between Jacob’s dreaming and his waking. The eye flows from the sleeping figure of Jacob to the pinnacle of the accordion featuring the symbolic representation of heaven as a colorful stained glass rose window. Jacob’s memorial stone is seen on the adjacent inside cover after he awakes from his dream.