Amy Siedenstrang – Perchance


Amy Siedenstrang



Techniques & Materials:

I gutted an old clock and coiled lights inside, creating the night sky by embellishing velvet paper with ink and punching holes for the constellations. Various papers and fabric complete the other surfaces, including inside the hinged compartment on top that holds the pages. A single word on each page is a suggestion for the reader to ponder while falling asleep.

Artist Statement: One of my earliest memories is the flash of inspiration I had when creating the night sky with a blue ballpoint pen: I could poke holes in the paper to let stars shine through! Then I clumsily taped the holes I had accidentally poked in the chair underneath my artwork. My parents quickly forgave their little artist and re-told the story often, but this is the first time (in 50+ years!) that I’ve attempted to refine that initial flash of inspiration.