Andrew Huot – Remote with Wilson Allen

Artist Statement

Collaboration with Wilson Allen.

Remote looks at the shared experience of self-isolating and working remotely during the Covid-19 pandemic by journaling and mapping our everyday experiences. These daily activities create vignettes or scenes that show how common experiences such as dealing with a fallen tree or power outage, break the monotony of staying in a restricted place like our home.

Materials & Technique

Made of paper, color pencil, graphite, ink, cloth, and board. Bound in a Drum Leaf Binding format.

About Andrew Huot

Andrew Huot is a book artist and bookbinder in Atlanta, Georgia. He operates Big River Bindery, a studio for bookmaking and letterpress printing, book repair, and design. He has a Masters in Book Arts from the University of the Arts and teaches workshops in his bindery and across the country. He exhibits his work widely and it is held in over 50 university library collections. His artwork takes his everyday life and uses the patterns, lines and shapes to create work that is playful and strikes a familiar chord with the viewers.