Alicia Bailey – Physica: Stones

Artist Statement

Physica is a series of 9 artists’ book works, each focusing on one of the 9 sections in the Hildegard von Bingen’s Physica, as translated from Latin to English by by Priscilla Throop.

Materials & Technique:

Stones was created using oak, steel tacks, waxed linen thread, mica, paper, digital ink, stone veneer, leather, glass plus specimens of the featured stones: amethyst, beryl, chalcedony, jasper, limestone, onyx, topaz. It was created during 2020.

The covers and text pages are thick oak, bound with straps across the spine, with recesses carrying each of the featured stones. The recess in the cover holds mineral dust.

About Alicia Bailey

Studio artist Alicia Bailey, Denver, Colorado, creates book and box works that often include elements beyond surface printed images and text; that move beyond traditional book forms and embrace presentation flexibility, innovative page folding tactics, rigid page construction and use of alternative materials. In her studio she produces artists’ book works, sculptural books and publishes limited edition book works under the Ravenpress imprint. Her work has been featured in dozens of solo and group exhibits throughout the world and is held in numerous public, private and special collections.