We are pleased to give you a peek at the classes we’ll be offering at the 2024 conference.


Workshop Catalog – Februrary 2024

Registration Begins – March 2024


Pietro Accardi returns to FOBA with marbling opportunities for all levels of experience.  He will introduce marbling with metallics this year, along with marbling on textiles and paper. He will also teach the construction of a secretary box with drawers, niches, and hinges.

Intensive Marbling on Paper and Fabric
Secretary Box


Have you ever been stuck on page design? Hope Amico will help you begin with a canvas of ideas that you’ll narrow down to create page designs that are unique and meaningful. You’ll take home your own altered book with reference samples for your art practice.

Collage Techniques for Altered Books


Why have one tunnel in your artist’s book when you can have four? Ginger Burrell will lead you through making a complex spiral structure that holds four tunnel books. In her second workshop, you’ll create a beautiful idea journal packed with inspiration and space for further ideas.

Creativity, Collage and Coptic Stitch
Four Seasons in a Spiral Tunnel Book


Traveling the world, Mary-Ellen Campbell has honed her mixed media art books and will be teaching folded and sewn methods for binding single sheets and cyanotype and rusting techniques for books.

Artbound-Binding Techniques for Single Sheets
Sun and Earth

Robert Choe-Henderson

You have a rare opportunity to expand your ideas and practice of paper making with Robert Choe-Henderson, who promotes and teaches traditional Korean papermaking (hanji) as one of a small handful of hanji instructors in the United States. 

Hanji: Hand and Vat

Kristen Doty

Learn to draw! Build confidence or brush up on your skills through drawing and lettering exercises with Kristen Doty while creating a beautiful sketchbook to take home

Drawing & Lettering Sketchbook

Haley Ferber

Haley Ferber will guide you through several bookbinding structures, Suminigashi marbling, and basic block printing techniques. At the end of the workshop you will have created a library of artist books, structure models, and decorated papers to take home for further creation. 

Intro to Artist Books

Erin Fletcher

Experiment with a range of surface design techniques and create beautifully textured embroidered plaquettes with Erin Fletcher. You’ll put everything together in a simple yet elegant Tue-Mouche binding.

Exploring Embroidery on Paper

Brenda Gallagher

Brenda Gallagher will lead you through a combination design and bookbinding class to create an interesting long stitch journal made with scraps. As a second option with Brenda, you can create several lovely miniature books with beaded spines.

Beaded Miniature Books
Design with Scraps to Make a Hard Cover Long Stitch Journal

Helen Shafer Garcia

Helen Shafer Garcia, an award winning illustrator, will teach water media approaches for book structures with a focus on watercolor monotypes to be bound in a wood cover and an open spine end band book. A woven stitch collagraph book will explore both making collagraphs and weaving an open spine.

Watermedia Approaches for Book Structures
Woven Stitch Collagraph Book

Laurel Herbeck

Do you love an eye-catching book spine? Laurel Herbeck will provide you with instruction and materials for a structure that combines Coptic stitch and cross-stitch in an elegant and stunning binding.

Coptic Cross Stitch Journal

Margo Klass

Create a woodland journal that is rugged enough to take on walks in the woods yet suitably elegant for coffee table display, taught by Margo Klass, a popular instructor and mixed media artist from Alaska. Margo will also teach an intriguing unfolding box book that can showcase your favorite small treasures.

The Unfolding Box Book
Woodland Journal

Ann Kronenberg

How do those super-creative individuals who come up with new book structures do it? Ann Kronenberg will help you create families of book structure models and the conceptual tools needed to engineer your own new book structures. In another workshop, Ann will also help you discover the magic of woven and interlocked paper structures.

Intelligent Design: Creating Your Own Book Structures
Interlocked–Woven Paper in Book Arts–Structure and Ornament

Roberta Lavadour

With Roberta Lavadour, you’ll explore at least 10 deceptively simple book arts projects, with an eye towards learning to teach them to your own students. In another workshop, Roberta will teach the sewn board binding, one of the most versatile and user-friendly structures in the book arts field along with variations.

Funky Foldy: Fun Structures for the Studio or Classroom
Variations on the Sewn Board Binding

Elline Lipkin

Writer Elline Lipkin’s class is for anyone who has wondered what to put inside their beautiful, yet blank, book and who wants to jumpstart their writing. Besides experimenting with poetic forms such as the monostitch, haiku,”six-word memoir,” abecedary, and more, you’ll discover how text can effectively intermarry with book form. 

Writing in the Blanks

Sarah Matthews

Are you up for creative fusion? Sarah Matthews will teach an exciting, hands-on class where you’ll dive into two captivating mediums: block printing and bookbinding. You’ll experience the meditative quality of block carving and learn professional printing techniques as you create your book pages.

Block Printed Flag Books: A Creative Fusion

Abigail Merickel

Harness the power of the sun as you learn to use a solar plate to print an edition and experiment with colored inks and monotype printing with Abigail Merickel.

Solar Plate Etching and Monotype Workshop

Yoshi Nakagawa

Learn relief printmaking techniques with linoleum plates and hand sewing with Japanese washi paper & thread as you create collaborative quilts with Yoshi Nakagawa. Yoshi will also help connect printmaking and the land, using native plants.

Native Plant Transfer Printmaking
Nengajo Linocut Paper Quilt Exchange

Casey Newman

Casey Newman, an ecologist and natural textile dyer, joins us from her farm outside of Portland to teach you botanical printing to create a nature inspired book, as well as a class on indigo dyeing on fabric and paper.

Botanical Printing and Creating a Nature-Inspired Book
Indigo Dyeing Fabric and Paper

Shawn Sheehy

Shawn Sheehy returns to FOBA to teach his always innovative and clever pop-up and movable techniques. You can focus on the basics with movable or pop-up fundamentals or use them in a second workshop to create an animating binding.

A Satisfaction of Movable
Movable Magic: The Animating Binding

Elsi Vassdal Ellis

We are fortunate to welcome Elsi Vassdal Ellis, recently retired from Western Washington University. She will be teaching variations of non-adhesive stick bindings, an adhesive structure that activates the text block when opened, a clever book in a box, and will reacquaint us with the “humble rubbing.”

Moving Steps Binding (A variation of the Dragon Scale binding)
Stick Binding
Panel Book with Box
Reimagining the Humble Rubbing