Yoshi Nakagawa – Nengajo Linocut Paper Quilt Exchange

Instructor: Yoshi Nakagawa

Number of Days: 2 Days Skill Level: All levels Material fee: $25 Maximum Number of Student: 12

Workshop Description:

Nengajo is a traditional custom in Japan, making and sending New  Year’s postcards to friends and family, with best wishes and images of the Chinese zodiac  animal of the coming year. Learn relief printmaking techniques with linoleum blocks, hand sewing with Japanese washi paper & thread. Each participant will hand print one zodiac  animal to keep, and more to share with classmates so that you leave with a beautiful paper  quilt featuring a variety of animals. Also learn how to print the linocuts with an etching press  on postcards from Japan. After this workshop, book artists can use these skills in making  their books by hand printing, etching press or letterpress. 

Materials/equipment to be provided by students:

Exacto knife, Watercolors (gouache,  gansai, calligraphy ink colors, or any water-based colors), Black sharpie, Pencil and eraser,  Ruler, Scissors, Sewing thread (any color, not white), Sewing needle, Latex or nitrile gloves,  Face mask & apron (optional)  Optional, if you’d like to invest in your own carving tools:  Woodcut/linocut carving tools: Mikisyo Power Grip 1.5mm, v-gouge, triangular—$7.90 at  Amazon. Mikisyo Power Grip 1.5mm, u-gouge, round—$7.78 at Amazon. Namisei 3mm, u gouge, round—$14.60 at imcclains.com. Namisei 6mm, u-gouge, round—$16.05 at  imcclains.com. 

Materials Provided by Instructor:

Unmounted linoleum 6”x4” (1 per  participant), metal spoons for printing (1 per participant), Exacto knives (4 spares), Speedball linocutter sets (12 sets), One sheet of 25″x 37″washi paper per participant: I will pre-cut to  12-5″x7″ sheets per participant, One card stock postcard from Japan per participant,  Newsprint/newspaper, Tracing paper, Letter sized copier paper (1 packet), Black oil-based  ink, Ink spatulas, Five Brayers, One wooden spoon & 3 barens for printing, Extra watercolors, soft paint brushes for watercolor (1 per participant), Cups for water,  palettes for watercolor, Black sharpies (5 spares), Extra pencils and erasers, Rulers (4  spares), Scissors (4 spares), Extra sewing thread (any color, not white), Extra sewing  needles, Nori glue, Baby powder, Extra latex or nitrile gloves, Rubbing alcohol for degreasing brayers, Simple green for degreasing, Vegetable oil for cleaning ink, Paper towels/rags  Prerequisites: 

Instructor Bio:

Yoshi Nakagawa is a visual artist based in Tacoma, WA—specializing in printmaking for over 24 years. Raised in Portland, OR, she pulled her first print at the University of Puget Sound, and continued her craft in Seattle and Oaxaca, Mexico. Her artwork is influenced by patterns of the natural world and Japanese textiles, along with experiences living in Oaxaca and Japan. She has exhibited and taught workshops in the US, Mexico, Canada, Japan, South Africa and Honduras.yoshinakagawa.com Website: yoshinakagawa.com