Staying on Campus

Staying on Campus

Burlingham Hall is a series of small apartments, each with four single rooms, two shared baths and a common area. There is also a small kitchenette (stove, microwave, and refrigerator) so you can store some soda or juice or make tea or instant coffee. These apartments are non-smoking facilities. Burlingham Hall is air conditioned and has elevators to the upper floors.

Please remember, this is still a college dorm room. A pillow, bedding and towels are supplied but you may want to bring along some amenities such as a clock, a radio, a light, hangers, ear plugs if you have trouble sleeping, rubber shower slippers, a robe, and your own wash cloth and towels.

When you check in at Registration, you will be issued a building key, an apartment key and a room key, and an overnight parking permit if needed. When you leave at the end of the conference return ALL keys to the drop box in the lobby of Burlingham Hall.

The lost key fine for Burlingham Hall is $300 each for the building and apartment keys and $150 for the room keys.


Those staying on campus who have purchased one of the meal options you will have a special sticker on their name bag that is your meal ticket (full meals or lunch only). Please show your badge with the sticker to the cashier at the University Center cafeteria whenever you go for a meal.

Our cafeteria meal hours are:
Breakfast   7:30 am – 8:30 am
Lunch       12 noon – 1 pm
Dinner       5:30 pm – 6:30 pm

Although the cafeteria will be open and serving food outside these hours, we are not scheduled to eat then and attendees need to wait for our assigned hours so as not to interfere with other campus groups getting their food. These are serving times, but we can stay in the dining hall at the tables longer if we wish. If you purchase your meal at the POD or bring your lunch, you may still join us in the cafeteria to eat.


Overnight parking is allowed only in lot K and you MUST have a permit which will be given to you along with your dorm room key. Day use parking is allowed in any lot on campus. No permit is needed in the summer but, please, DO NOT park in any space marked “Reserved”. Day parking is also available on the street.


The laundry facilities are available to attendees in Burlingham Hall. Laundry is free of charge in Burlingham Hall, but you must provide your own detergent.

There are no phones in the Burlingham Hall Apartments. You need to bring your own cell phone if you feel a phone is necessary. There are public phones on campus; they require a credit card.

Housekeeping on campus does not work like housekeeping at a hotel–they do not come into each room everyday while we are on campus. This means things like garbage cans are not emptied everyday. If necessary there is a dump bin outside that you can use to empty garbage cans from your room.

For non-emergency dorm room assistance, call 503-810-9591. Use this number for late arrivals, lock-outs, problems with your room, etc.