Roberta Lavadour – Spirit Guide

Artist Statement

I’ve been thinking a lot about appropriation, and how materials, techniques, and imagery hold cultural weight. I’m fascinated by the New Age to white supremacy pipeline, and how casual appropriation can push our boundaries. Tapping into my own lived experience has always provided a center for my work, and the materials that relate to it provide a satisfying avenue for exploration.

Materials & Technique

Printed with ditto masters on heavy printmaking paper, sewn in a modified stub binding. Typed, tipped in text and inserted plexi portrait. Edition of 3 copies bound in 2022.

About Roberta Lavadour

Roberta Lavadour has been exhibiting artist’s books and design bindings for more than 20 years, inspired by everything from found objects to her tangled family history. While she lives and works in rural Eastern Oregon, her books travel around the world in a variety of juried and invitational exhibitions. Her work is marked by rampant curiosity and a desire to explore the possibilities of the book as an art form.