Roberta Lavadour – Variations on the Sewn Board Binding

Instructor: Roberta Lavadour

Number of Days: 2 Days Skill Level: All levels Material fee: 25 Maximum Number of Student: 15

Workshop Description:

The Sewn Board Binding is one of the most versatile and user friendly structures in the book arts field, both for binders and the book’s end users. In this class students will learn the basics the binding, then explore ways to embellish or subvert the structural elements to create something reflective of their artistic vision.

Materials/equipment to be provided by students:

Basic bench set (Bone folder, teflon folder, metal ruler, glue brush, cutting matt (small to mid-size), utility knife, punching awl or pin vise, 2 straight darning/bookbinding needles). 

Materials Provided by Instructor:

All materials to complete project. Basic bench set materials for loan. Prerequisites: 

Instructor Bio:

Roberta Lavadour lives and works in rural eastern Oregon and has been exhibiting artist’s books and design bindings for more than 25 years. Her work is fueled by a rampant curiosity and inspired by everything from estate sale finds to her tangled family history. Like many book artists, she’s well-versed in papermaking and printmaking as well as a wide swath of bookbinding. She’s always looking for ways to push established book structures in new directions and has introduced several innovative designs to the book arts field.  Website: