Pietro Accardi – Secretary box

Instructor: Pietro Accardi

Number of Days: 2 Days Skill Level: All levels Material fee: $ 45 Maximum Number of Student: 15

Workshop Description:

The secretary box features one large bottom drawer, two recessed diagonal drawers, and three niches within an hatch top opening.  The box is entirely covered with marbled fabric, dimensions: 10”  wide, 7” deep and 6”tall. Students will acquire a wide variety of skills that can be applied to bookbinding, box making and other fine handcrafts.  Pietro will provide a wide variety of unique marbled fabric to choose for your box (this is always the most difficult part of the class).  In this two days class you’ll climb the mountain step by step with  Pietro and you will complete a unique decorative box that will beautify a precious spot in your house.

Materials/equipment to be provided by students:

>  X-acto knife>  Cutting mat>  Apron>  Glue brush>   Metal Ruler>  Scissors for cutting fabric> Some weights

Materials Provided by Instructor:

>  Glue>  Binders Board>  Marbled Paper>  Decorative inner liners Prerequisites: 

Instructor Bio:

Pietro is native to the northwestern Italian city of Turin where his father  Gaetano founded and operated the printing press “Tipografia Accardi.” His youth spent in the press lead him to  paper marbling, restoration and bookbinding. Pietro then established “La Legatoria del Sole,” an artisanal and  bookbindery in Turin. It served Turin’s Municipal  Archives, public and university libraries. After coming to the U.S. he started teaching at the “San Francisco Center for the Book”. Together with his wife Vanessa he  has founded Accardi Book Arts: a book arts studio and bindery in Gardnerville to preserve the tradition of handmade books. Website: www.accardibookarts.com