Mary Kritz – Dreams Of World Travel


Mary Kritz


Dreams Of World Travel

Techniques & Materials:

I created this book using Fabriano hot press and cold press water colour papers. I coloured eight 4 x 6 inch hot press paper panels with water colours. Thinking about my dreams, I remembered dreaming about world travel when I was a young postage stamp collector. This inspired me to use postage stamps, from my current collection, to decorate the pages, combined with other images. The front cover has a picture of the Italian tarot card Il MOnde, The World. This image came frm a sheet of wrapping paper with a full set of Italian tarot card images.

Artist Statement: The postage stamp is a small piece of art that travels the world, taking and giving information to and from people. As a young postage stamp collector, I would travel the world in my mind, and with the assistance of the Books of Knowledge, while working on the collection. There were no boundaries and I had the freedom to explore, wonder and discover other peoples and their cultures. I was able to visit my mother’s homeland, the lands of my ancestors and beyond. I always experienced a great sense of joy after a session with the stamps. In this accordion book, I have expressed my joy for travel through the hand-written text around the postage stamps. Being able to travel is one of the richest learning experiences a person can have. The cover of the book starts with Il Monde, the World and tells the viewer what I like to do when I travel. The final page of the book invites the viewer to start their own journey with a list of possible countries to visit.