Ginger Burrell – The End of the Handshake

Artist Statement

The pandemic made us re-think so many behaviors: grocery shopping, in-person offices, public transit. Most of all, the pandemic changed the way we greet and comfort one another. Handshakes became nods, or salutes, hugs became crossed arms over our chests. Kisses were often mask-to-mask or not at all. Gone are the days when we automatically extend a hand to shake or open our arms to hug. Will this be generational? The End of the Handshake documents the many different kinds of greetings we’ve tried and adapted to replace traditional ways of touching, of affection, and of social bonding.

Materials & Technique

Archival inkjet printing on Epson Premium Presentation. Font is Birch Std. Original photographs by the artist. Bound in cloth covered boards. Presented in a re-sealable Biohazard bag. Signed and numbered by the artist.