Challenge Book: Interaction

You are invited to explore the theme of “Interaction” in book or box form for this year’s Challenge Book exhibit.

Some questions to get your imagination rolling:

  • What are interactions of interest between people, animals, or nature?
  • What personal interaction have you experienced that left an impression?
  • What are different ways to physically interact with a structure, like hinges or drawers?
  • What materials or features can you use to invite touch or interaction?

These are only suggestions. You may interpret the theme however you wish, subject to the following conditions. The submitted work shall:

  • have means of viewer interaction aside from opening and closing the cover, such as pockets, foldouts, pop-ups, textures, materials, etc.
  • depict interaction(s), such as play, physical displays of affection, conflict, etc., through exposition or illustration.
  • have been completed within the three years preceding the conference. • be created by an active participant (student, instructor, staff, trade representative) at the conference.

To participate in the exhibit during the conference, bring your work to the Check-in Desk when you arrive and complete an entry form. Challenge Books will be displayed anonymously and artists revealed at Hospitality Night. Conference participants will judge the entries and, in addition to the approbation of your peers, you could win a prize! Though optional, kudos will be awarded to those permitting exhibit goers to physically interact with your artwork (carefully).

Date & Time

Hospitality Night
winners announced
June 29 6:30pm-8:30pm
Selene Fisher


Richard Woodcock Education Center Room 101

601 Monmouth Ave N, Monmouth, OR 97361