judy hurcomb – Spinach, radishes, peas

FOBA 2021 Challenge Book

Technique and materials used:

This book is made from 2 cardboard “bolts” which are used in retail fabric displays. Both the inside and outside of the coptic bound book is covered in seed packets (that I have been saving for years), painter’s tape and acrylic paint.  As with the rest of the country, my local fabric shop ran out of supplies during the pandemic but there was always a bin of empty bolts at the end of the cutting table. It seemed like the right thing to make a book out of, although it created a challenge, as thread size had to match the scale of the book. My original intent was for a five page book, but it was unwieldy and I could not achieve a consistent stitch. 

About the work:

I tend to look at the world as home, not just my home, I’m sort of a ‘big picture’ kind of person. As for the seed packets, where did humans begin but in the garden: some say Eden, others from muck or trees. Who knows for sure? But we would not be home without food to eat. 

Lastly, during the pandemic, many people stuck at home suddenly had time for a garden. It was one way to get out of the house without leaving home.