Angela Batchelor – And Here We Have Idaho

FOBA 2021 Challenge Book

Technique and materials used:

12 Idaho State symbols are catalogued with the use of cyanotype images and transparency overlays, while lyrics from the State song are interspersed on each page. The pages are rust printed paper. The book is bound with Coptic and Long Stitch over ribbons with hard covers.

About the work:

I was born and raised in Idaho, but it took being away from my home state for eight years to truly appreciate its beauty and uniqueness. While living in Portland, Oregon the abundance of lush green vegetation contrasted sharply with the arid high desert climate of southern Idaho. However, what seemed ugly and barren to me growing up, now appears beautiful and open, sparse but free. Although most people think of potatoes (or confuse it with Iowa), there’s more to Idaho than outsiders think. It still evokes a sense of “the West” and adventurous pioneering, which is perhaps the appeal to those moving here in droves from neighboring states. I remember learning about Idaho in 4th grade with its symbols and State song, “And Here We Have Idaho”. This is the basis of my book – an homage to my beloved state.