What Dreams Are Made Of

The content, source, and function of dreams have been the topic of scientific and philosophical inquiry throughout recorded history. The dictionary tells us that dreams can be visions or a state of mind marked by release from reality, cherished aspirations or ideals, creations of the imagination, or a series of thoughts, images or emotions. What is a book but a series of thoughts, images or emotions put down on a substrate like paper or fabric?

For this challenge, we invite you to explore the topic of your dreams in a book form. Some suggestions to get your imagination dreaming:

  • a chronicle or interpretation of your nighttime dreaming (how often do you dream of electric sheep?)
  • dreams of personal attainment (where do you want to travel next?)
  • dreams for your community or the world (can we achieve peace?)
  • daydreams of fantasy (do you dream of invisibility or flight?)
  • a series of dreamlike images (how does a leaf become a light switch? how does a hug lead to spaceflight?).

These are only some ideas; you may interpret the theme however you wish (subject to the conditions).

Conditions & Challenges

  • Shall include a series of thoughts, images or emotions representing your dream(s).
  • Shall have been completed within the 24 months preceding summer 2023.
  • Shall include one element you consider sweet: a word, a texture, an image. This may be incorporated into the title or contents and shall be identified.

Online Gallery

Viewers Choice Award

From October 2nd until October 30th, you have the power to decide which book deserves the top honor. This is your chance to acknowledge the book that captivates you the most and vote for it as your favorite. The book with the most votes will be awarded our prestigious Viewers’ Choice Award, with the winner being announced in November. In addition, the winning book will be featured in the FOBA Newsletter.

Viewer’s Choice Award voting: Oct 2 – Oct 30, 2023

Announcement of Viewers’ Choice Award: November 2023