Challenge Book


In honor of Focus on Book Arts Fourteenth Conference, we are counteracting the Chinese notion that 14 is an unlucky number by celebrating our good fortune with a fourteen-themed book arts challenge.

The list below contains fourteen themes, objects, colors, etc. that somehow relate to the number fourteen. Your mission is to take at least 5 (1 + 4, get it?) concepts from the list and incorporate them into a book arts piece. You may interpret your choices any way you see fit.

Bring your completed book to the registration desk when you arrive on campus and it will be displayed with others. Entries will be judged by the conference attendees and a “Best of Show” prize will be awarded.

We look forward to seeing your work!

    • Citizenship
    • Fingers
    • Forgetfulness
    • Fortnight
    • Gold
    • Ivory
    • Jewelry
    • Saint Valentine
    • Silicon
    • Sonnet
    • Stone
    • Temperance
    • Transformation
    • Vermont