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Important Things to Bring to FOBA

Workshop Supplies: review the supplies list associated with each of the workshops you are taking and gather up your supplies. If you forget something note that we will have an on-site store. Additionally, the Accidental BookMaker is located in downtown Forest Grove that will have many supplies as well.

Dormitory Supplies: Basic bedding is provided, but not much more. You may want to bring some amenities such as a clock, a radio, a desk lamp, hangers, or a favorite blanket, as well as ear plugs if you have trouble sleeping. You might also want to bring your own wash cloth and towel; although provided, they are very basic. Note that each apartment has a kitchenette including a refrigerator and microwave if you want to bring snacks and beverages.

Creative Things to Bring

Name Tags: You will have an opportunity to make a name tag that represents the unique YOU during the Opening Reception. But if you would like to supplement the papers, embellishments and/or tools that we will have available, or if you would like to make your name tag at home, you are welcome to bring that.

Share Your Art Opportunities

We have a number of opportunities for you to share your art with the book arts community. The following are just a few of these opportunities. If there are one or more of these that interest you, more information can be found with the Activities and Events webpage.

Challenge Book Art Project: In honor of Focus on Book Arts 14th Conference, we are counteracting the Chinese notion that 14 is an unlucky number by celebrating our good fortune with a fourteen-themed book arts challenge.  Using some of the themes, objects, colors, etc., that have been defined in the challenge, make a book arts piece and bring it to the conference for display. Entries will be judged by the conference attendees and a “People’s Choice” prize will be awarded.

Raffle Items. Please bring any books, art and/or supplies you wish to donate to the Colleen Cavin Fellowship Raffle to the conference and they can be placed in the raffle.

Pitch and Put (it out there) / All Stitched Up: We are planning an evening where you can bring book arts related projects and have an opportunity to show and talk about them with other book artists.  These may be projects you have created, are working on, or are struggling with and have questions. If you are an artist who entered work(s) into the All Stitched Up show, please bring it to share with other attendees (whether you were accepted or not).

Trades: At the Hospitality Night Reception, and throughout the conference, you can trade small items you have made with other participants. Bring one or many. Don’t forget to bring one that can be placed in a raffle basket that includes many of the other trades brought to the conference.

Artists’ Fair: If you signed up for a table at the Artists’ Fair, bring your hand made books, decorated papers, etc. to the conference to sell to participants and the public.