Rhonda Luongo – The Realm

FOBA 2021 Challenge Book

Technique and materials used:

Book board covered in tea-stained teabag paper, accentuated with gold and copper leaf, antique handwritten letter reproduced on archival cardstock stained with walnut and pigment inks, hand-colored collaged elements on archival paper, satin ribbon closure.

About the work:

I live in the realm of possibility. Home is where I can be inquisitive … thoughtful … creative. When creating, time and space are suspended. I’m free to follow my curiosity, to reach out for inspiration about something I want to express about myself, life, culture, or our universe. The conceptual idea for a project dissolves away as the work progresses; the art may take on a life of its own. Creativity is what provides energy, vitality, and balance in my life.  It is with this in mind that I have created a tiny book to take with me wherever I go. The central image in the book is Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man, reaching out as his creator did to explore the infinite mysteries of life. He is a reminder of the magical journey ahead as I embark on new creative adventures.