Part treasure hunt, part trivia quest, part bingo daubing, this game will put you in pursuit of information and people. Everyone will receive game sheets in their welcome bag and there will be prizes for finishing a row or column (or all!) of the spaces. You’ll complete a square by finding a specific person (like someone from Arizona or instructor whose name begins with D) or item (like an artist’s book with a blue cover or a tool made of wood) or vendor (like someone selling something purple or who traveled from out of state) or fill in a little-known fact. You’ll have the entire conference to find answers and we’ll examine your completed game sheets at Hospitality Night. Take the opportunity to learn more about the other conference participants, interact with the activities and exhibits, and maybe even win a prize!

Selene Fisher


Richard Woodcock Education Center

601 Monmouth Ave N, Monmouth, OR 97361