Amina Cheema – To Home It May Concern

FOBA 2021 Juried Exhibition

Completed 2020
Editions: 1
Dimensions closed: 8” x 5.7” x 0.5”
Materials: paper, thread, printing ink, chord, metal brad
Artist resides in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan 

A single soul is having an encounter with the space of her own house which has become surreal during the lockdown days. 

To Home It May Concern, contains stills that I took in my backyard and a poem that was written afterward. The book is bound using a simple pamphlet stitch but has a folder-like closure. Some of the text is colored based on the impression of the words and their meanings. The images are placed in a way so they create some kind of a hide & seek narrative. This artist book represents a personal memory of a couple of months I spent in my own house during the first wave of Covid-19 in Pakistan from March 2020 till August 2020. 

Unfolding of a photo sequence has taken me on a further journey of how encountering one’s own shadows ends up meeting one’s own darker/deeper self. 

Amina Cheema (Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan)

Assistant professor at the College of Art & Design University of the Punjab Lahore, Amina teaches history and experimental methods at the graduate and postgraduate levels. She earned her M Phil in Art History and is a PhD candidate at her alma mater. 

Besides research and writing, Amina’s practice revolves around exploring both inherited and inventive forms of a book. 

Recently one of her self-published experimental books “Kar Baat” (say something/ tell me something new) was acquired by Thomas J Watson Library, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Brooklyn New York.