FOBA Registration will open on Monday April 4, 2022 at 8 AM Pacific Time. Meanwhile, we hope that you are excitedly poring over course descriptions and the workshop calendar to choose the workshops you want to take. We have a few new options with housing, meals, and Artists’ Fair this year, so please take time to review those also. 

We’ve set up registration in an online booking system that will allow you to register using a computer, tablet, or smartphone. We think it will be clear and straightforward to use. However, we have had to work within an existing system, and it does not offer every safeguard against error that we might have dreamed of. Here are some tips to make sure that everything runs smoothly when you go to register: 

When you are choosing and signing up for workshops, please remember that your classes cannot overlap on the schedule. No matter how attractive that Friday class is, you cannot take it if you are also taking a 3-day class that runs Wednesday through Friday! When registering, please keep in mind that there is no fail-safe mechanism in the registration system to prevent you from making this mistake. 

When you register, please remember to review all your selections carefully before hitting the “Book now” button. Make sure you have exactly the workshops you want, and the correct Class Fee for the total number of days you will be taking classes. Once you hit “Book now,” you will be reserving your place in the workshops you have chosen. However, you will need to fully complete the registration process to keep your place and receive confirmation of your registration. Your workshops will be reserved for 30 minutes from the time you hit the “Book now” button. If you have not completed your registration in that time, your workshop reservation will be released and you run the risk that another attendee will take your spot. 

Note: because the registration opens in a new window, you will still have access to the FOBA website while you are registering. However, it’s best if you have all your choices made and organized beforehand. Since some workshops will probably fill up quickly, it’s not a bad idea to think about back-up options if your first choices are not available. Once registration is open, we will include add detailed step-by-step instructions on this page, for those wishing guidance while using the booking system. 

Registration Overview 

When you register for the conference, you will need to select the following from a list of items: 


Workshops will be listed by date, in alphabetical order. Everything is in order by start date, with “July 15th 2022” at the very top. (Yes, our booking system is provided by a British company.) When you select a class, and it is added to your cart, the class materials fee will automatically be added to your amount due. If a class is full, it will be marked as “Fully booked” and you will have the option to join a waiting list. 

Housing & Meals (optional) Choose whether you want to stay on campus and/or sign up for meals. 

Additional Options

If you’d like to sign up for a table at the Artists’ Fair, that will be listed with the Thursday workshops. If you’d like to extend your stay on campus through Sunday night, that will be listed with the Sunday workshops. 

If you decide to add something at a later date, such as meals on-campus, that is easily done. If you sign up for an additional workshop later, you will have to work with the registrar to adjust the class fees you are paying. Canceling or changing workshops will also require the assistance of the registrar. To make these changes, email Jean Wyatt at . 

Additional Options

Registering for Multiple Attendees. Our registration process does not allow you to sign up for multiple attendees at the same time. Each attendee must be done as a separate registration process. When asked “Add an Attendee” during the registration process, please ignore this question, it does not apply to us. 

Waiting lists. If a class is full, there will be a red circle with a line through it on the workshop listing. If you highlight that listing, you will see an option to join the waiting list. If you choose to join a waiting list, the Registrar will follow up with you to provide additional information. You may go ahead and register for a second-choice workshop in that time slot. In fact, we recommend that you do so. If/when a spot opens up for a class you are waitlisted for, the Registrar will contact you to determine if you still want to take that workshop and the steps that will be followed. 

If you sign up for classes that overlap, the Registrar will contact you to determine how you want to resolve the error. You run the risk that during the process to correct this you will lose out on another class you want to take. 

Class Cancellations. FOBA reserves the right to cancel any classes that do not reach a minimum attendance level, or for which an instructor becomes unavailable. You will be given notice of any cancellations, and have an opportunity to transfer to another class or get a refund. 

Refund Policy. Our refund policy is as follows: Before April 15, 2019, full refund minus $25 fee; between April 15 to May 15, 2019, 50% refund of total amount paid; after May 15, 2019, no refund. 

All attendees must be 18 years or age or older. 

Registration Deadline is June 20th 2020. 

If you need to make any corrections or changes to your registration, please contact our Registrar, Lisa Harkin at

Detailed Registration Instructions 

Click the registration button. You will enter a new browser window, with a list of all the registration items on the left side of your screen. At the top of the list are the Class Fee options, followed by Housing & Meals packages. Workshops are listed below, in alphabetical order by date. Scroll down the list and click “Show more…” at the bottom of the list to see the complete list. You can click on any item to view it on the right side of the screen. Click the blue “Select” button to add that item to your cart. 

To register for the conference, you will need to select the following

Class Fee (Required). The top five items on the list are the Class Fees that cover tuition and other costs for your workshops. Choose whether you will be attending 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 days of workshops. In order to properly register, you MUST pick one of the Class Fee selections. Click on the correct Class Fee to highlight it. Then click the blue “Select” button to add the Class Fee to your cart. A yellow “Ticket added” sign will flash at the top of the screen, and your cart icon at the top right will now show “1 item,” along with an amount due. Additionally, the cart icon will appear next to the listing you have selected on the left side of the screen. 

Housing & Meals (Optional). The next three items on the list are on-campus housing and the two meal plan options. Note that the housing option does not include meals. If you wish to stay on campus and/or have meals on campus, highlight and select the both housing and the appropriate meal item. The listing to stay on campus an additional night (Sunday) is towards the bottom of the list, under Sunday. 

Workshops. Each workshop is listed under the starting day of the class. A two-day class will be listed as “Course: 2 dates,” and be listed with all the two-day classes starting that day. Click “Show more…” at the bottom to see all workshop listings; you may need to click it more than once to see the Sunday listings. Click on a workshop listing to view it on the right-hand side. Click the blue “Select” button at the very bottom of the workshop description to add it to your cart. 

Artists’ Fair. If you would like to have a table at the Artists’ Fair, select that listing from among the Thursday workshops. 

Note: if you need to delete something you’ve selected, just click on that item in the list to have it appear on the right-hand side of your screen. You will see a blue number 1 that shows you have selected the item. Press the blue minus sign next to the 1, and the selection will be removed from your cart. 

When you are finished with all your selections or want to check what’s in your cart, press the “View selections” button. 

View selections. 

This screen gives you a complete overview of your cart, showing the dates and prices of all the items you have selected. Please review to be sure it is correct and complete. Have you signed up for the workshops you want, with no days overlapping? Do you have a class fee that matches the total number of days you have signed up for workshops? If you need to make any corrections, this is the time to do it. You can return to the previous screen by hitting the “Back” button. (Note: though it’s possible to return to these screens after you’ve hit “Book now,” you will lose your contact info and other registration data you’ve entered.) 

Once you’re sure that your selections are correct and complete, hit the “Book now” button to complete your registration. At this moment, you are reserving your place in the workshops you have chosen. That reservation will be held for 30 minutes to give you time to complete the booking process. 

Book now. 

The first screen after you’ve hit the “Book now” button asks for the email address of the booker. Any correspondence relating to your registration will be sent to this address. 

The second screen asks for contact info for the attendee. It also asks a few questions about things such as special needs and volunteering. Once you have entered these Attendee Details, hit the “Continue” button to process your payment. 

You may pay for your registration using Visa or MasterCard. American Express is also accepted, though it charges FOBA a higher transaction fee, and you will save us money by using one of the other two cards. 

Once you have registered, you will be sent a confirmation email, at the bottom of this confirmation email is a link to additional conference information. If you do not receive these for some reason, please contact the Registrar. Jean Wyatt at 

  • Covid-19 Vaccination Status

  • Focus on Book Arts will adhere to the rules defined by the State of Oregon and Pacific University, and are subject to change as we approach the time of the conference. Updates to the policy will be emailed to registered students, shared on the website, posted on Facebook and Instagram, and noted in the newsletter. At the time of publication of this Registration Packet:

    • Attendees must be vaccinated per rules set by Pacific University, and proof of vaccination and ID must be presented at time of check-in. We have been assured that this policy will be in place during our conference and is not subject to change.
    • Masks must be worn at all times while in conference areas during events and during workshops (not required during meals in the cafeteria while sitting, eating/drinking)
    • Masks required while moving around in any shared space, including in dorm suites

    Although the mask mandate has currently been lifted in the State of Oregon, we will be requiring that masks be worn. However, we may lift this requirement at the time of the conference. We will keep you informed. Please plan to bring masks with you.

    Those not providing proof of vaccination and ID at time of check-in will be excluded from attending. No refunds will be given. Housing/meals will not be available.

  • Should be Empty: