Woven Spine Bindings





Instructor: Margo Klass
Skill Level: Intermediate
Materials Fee: $35.00
Length of workshop: 3 days

Date: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, June 26, 27 and 28, 2019



Workshop description:

These chunky books are more sculptural objects than functional books, although they can be both. The binding accommodates any number of sections, each of which is sewn separately and then woven together. Covers will be personalized using embroidery, stamps, and stencils – alone or in combination. The spine provides a background for further embellishment possibilities, including braids, beads, and knotting. In this workshop you will create two encased books, each with a distinct personality determined by your choices of papers, palette, and embellishments.

Materials/equipment to be supplied by students:
cutting mat – minimum size 18 x 24”
X-acto knife with extra blades
quilter’s rulers – see-through, 2 x 18” is ideal  
bone folder 
small needle-nose pliers
small weights (2) (paper-covered bricks provided by FOBA)

graduated metal edges
personal papers
personal work light
personal stamps

Materials/equipment to be provided by instructor:
stencil material
stencil brushes
rubber stamps and inks 
beads and bead gatherers and holders 
various papers for book pages and covers ­– Canson, Shin Inbe, Strathmore, Khadi rag, etc.
waxed linen
embroidery floss
piercing boards 
templates and other handouts

Prerequisite experience/skills needed for this class:
How to thread a needle and wax the thread
How to fold paper using a bone folder and assemble signatures
How to tie a weaver’s knot
How to determine paper grain & match the grain of different book components

Has made, independent of a class:
Simple sewn text block for codex book