The Simplified Binding





Instructor: Karen Hanmer
Skill Level: Intermediate, Advanced, Masters
Materials Fee: $80.00
Length of workshop: 3 days

Date: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, June 26, 27 and 28, 2019



Workshop description:

The Simplified Binding has an elegant, streamlined look. Our workshop model will feature a spine of thinned leather, rolled leather endbands, and boards that are attached to the text block after being covered with decorative paper. Leather hinges finish the interior. In this three-day workshop you will become more comfortable working with leather and explore which features of a binding are necessary for function and protection of the text block, and the additional refinements that can transform a book into an elegant showpiece. Students will reinforce their skills in marking up and sewing on supports, preparing boards, rounding, lining the spine for support vs. aesthetics, and paring leather.

Materials/equipment to be supplied by students:
bone or Teflon folder
straightedge that can be cut against – this can be the ruler
X-acto, scalpel or Olfa knife and a few extra blades
small cutting mat
beeswax for sewing
freshly-sharpened leather-paring knife
small and large glue brush
sanding block and sandpaper #120 and #240
PVA glue
small container for student’s portion of paste
sponge and a dish for water

Please also bring if you already have:
Scharfix paring machine (You will not be required to share it with the class.)
signature punching cradle
finishing press 
backing hammer
square with base (Talas #TTB041001) or some device to keep text block and boards square
strop for paring knife
whatever tools not on this list you always find useful

Materials/equipment to be provided by instructor:
text block and decorative paper
book board
Stonehenge for linings and fills
sewing supports
Japanese tissue to reinforce endsheets
book board
packing tape for gluing up
#18 thread for sewing
#12 thread for endband cores
binding and endsheet models
photocopying of handout with complete instructions and bibliography
roll of blue masking tape
two Scharfix paring machines
Sharps container

Prerequisite experience/skills needed for this class:
How to sew a basic book block made of several signatures and glue up paper or fabric for a cover

Has made, independent of a class:
A multi signature book sewn on tapes or cords

Other prerequisites
Experience paring leather with a knife and/or on the Scharfix is helpful