The Extravagant Exposed Spine Binding





Instructor: Patricia Edmonds
Skill Level: Advanced
Materials Fee: $40.00
Length of workshop: 2 days

Date: Saturday, Sunday, June 29 & 30, 2019



Workshop description:

With most case bound books, the beauty of the internal stitching is covered with a closed spine. This book, sewn over embossed leather straps, allows the beauty of the French link stitch to become a featured decorative element. The leather straps are woven into the cover boards to highlight the embossed design.

Materials/equipment to be supplied by students:
heavy duty snap off kraft knife with new blade
bone folder
2 covered bricks (paper-covered bricks provided by FOBA)
cutting mat – 18” X 24”
glue stick
PVA glue

Materials/equipment to be provided by instructor:
each student will work from a pre-prepared kit.
all supplies for the structure are provided.

Prerequisite experience/skills needed for this class:
How to thread a needle and wax the thread
How to fold paper using a bone folder and assemble signatures
How to tie a weaver’s knot
How to sew a kettle stitch
How to determine paper grain & match the grain of different book components
How to glue up paper or cloth to cover binder’s board
How to prepare book for drying
Has hand strength to cut and thread leather tapes through book boards.
It is imperative that students have experience with multi-signature binding and can work quickly and independently.

Has made, independent of a class:
Simple sewn text block for codex book
Book sewn on tapes or cords
Leather bound book