The Construction of an Art Book




Instructor: Leighanna Light
Skill Level: All Levels
Materials Fee: $40.00
Length of workshop: 2 days

Date: Wednesday, Thursday June 26 & 27, 2019


Workshop description:

In this workshop, you will learn how to transform remnants of canvas and metal into this sweet little art book. This project is appropriate for everyone. Whether you are just starting out or an accomplished artist, it can be as simple or as complex as you’d like. The actual construction of the book is very simple and requires no sewing or math skills. The book measures approximately 5” x 5”, but will most likely be larger after adding tabs, pockets, and found objects. In addition to learning how to construct this book, you will learn how to create yummy surfaces with texture & depth, how to integrate your images with paint and design, and how to add tabs, pockets, and mini books. You will also learn alternative methods for connecting found objects without using glue. Use this book to document your travels, or any other relevant event in your life. It will be treasured for years to come.

Materials/equipment to be supplied by students:
white gesso – at least 6 oz., Utrecht Artists’ Acrylic Gesso, white, medium bodied. This is a thick gesso; you will need this thicker gesso to achieve texture. It is available here.
PVA glue
Crafters Pick glue–You will need both glues. One is for gluing paper/pages together, one is for adhering metal to the cover
Two 6” x 6” thin metal pieces for the covers, thin copper or brass (26-28 gauge), You can find metal at ACE Hardware. Please choose this size- .010 x 6” x 12”
Or you can use cut up vintage metal tins, the flatter and thinner your metal is, the easier it will be to work with.
3-4 brushes, 1” each – to apply gesso and glue
1 detail brush
a variety of small and medium found objects – Think metal springs, tabs, bingo pieces, brass stencils, rusty stuff, chain, buttons, sign letters, the possibilities are endless!
small brads – available at craft stores
a variety of ephemera – paper and small images that are meaningful to you.
several small rags
a cup for paint water

craft heat gun 
Crop-a-dile hole punch
stamps or stencils with a bold design – script, patterns, or hand carved stamps all work well
Adirondack Dye Re-inkers – NOT ALCOHOL INK – 2 or 3 bottles of your favorite colors. These have been discontinued, but you might be able to find them by doing a Google search. If you cannot find them you can substitute 2 or 3 small bottles of acrylic paint.

Materials/equipment to be provided by instructor:
prepared book block
extra canvas
cheese cloth
use of instructor’s hand carved stamps and tools