The Articulated Binding





Instructor: Pietro Accardi
Skill Level: All levels
Materials Fee: $25.00
Length of workshop: 1 day

Date: Sunday, June 30, 2019



Workshop description:

An Indestructible Cover: Inspired by Italy’s 1970’s solution to ruptured Yellow Pages in public phone booths. This 360 degree flexible binding offers many advantages: because it bends, it will not break! It is also a visual and tactile delight. Employing strips of articulated boards and marbled fabric, Pietro will instruct students in the art of this rare binding technique. Students will create a large and a small articulated blank journal that can beautifully withstand the ravages of time.

Materials/equipment to be supplied by students:
cutting mat
X-acto knife
bone folder
big glue brush
weights (paper-covered brick provided by FOBA)
scrap paper

Materials/equipment to be provided by instructor:
All materials provided