Sneak Peeks 2019

We are pleased to give you a peek at the classes we’ll be offering at the 2019 conference.

Susan M Callan will be back this year to help you optimize your unique creative style in book arts. There will be exercises for self-discovery, book making sessions, and lots of opportunities to share personal expressions of creativity with others.

Patricia Edmonds brings her experience in bookbinding to FOBA this year with “The Extravagant Exposed Spine Binding”. The beauty of the normally internal stitching is exposed in this book with sewn over embossed leather straps which are woven into the cover boards.



You have an opportunity to learn about Washi from expert Linda Marshall, owner of Washi Arts. Linda will be teaching 3 workshops about washi: a Washi Intensive where you will spend an entire day learning about washi; Kakishibu where you will learn the process of dyeing and waterproofing washi; and the process of transforming Japanese paper with Konnyaku.




Award winning artist Naoimi S. Velasquez will bring her experience with textiles and book arts to FOBA for 3 varied workshops. “Fiberlicious Tape Bound Book” focuses on using fiber materials and tape binding techniques to create a unique textile artist’s book. You will explore natural plant dyes and sustainable color processes and turn your samples into a book in “Natural Plant Dyes”. “Re-purposed Coptic Book” covers the process of altering found codex book forms.



Returning conference favorite Sam Ellenport brings his 40+ years of experience back to FOBA this year to teach his signature “Traditional Leather Binding” workshop. Sam will also teach two other classes: repairing cloth-covered books and how to make a clamshell box in one hour.




Karen Hanmer will bring her expertise in traditional and contemporary book structures as she teaches two advanced workshops. “The Simplified Binding”, which has an elegant, streamlined look; and the “Ethiopian Binding” structure, which may have emerged as early as the fourth century.



Italian book artist Pietro Accardi will teach 3 marbling classes: “Introduction to Western Paper Marbling”, “Marbling on Fabric” and “Marbling: Studio Class”. These workshops range from an introduction for beginners to experienced marblers. In Pietro’s “The Articulated Binding”, we will create a book binding with 360 degrees of flexibility. “Form and Function: The Hatch Top Box” creates a decorative box with a hatch lid and bottom drawer




Rhiannon Alpers is a papermaker, letterpress printer and book artist who will teach two workshops. In “Book and Box of Curiosities” you will concentrate on small treasures as decoration in a two piece set: a unique hardcover book with inset decorative panel and a matchbox drawer for it to live in. In “Distressed Wooden Boards” you will explore the possibilities of combining hand-painted wooden boards, non-adhesive binding, closures and sewing supports to create one of a kind binding of their own.



Leighanna Light, mixed media artist, will use unusual materials to create unusual objects in two different workshops. In the “Construction of an Art Book”, remnants of canvas and metal will be transformed into a little art book. In “Surface Design on Metal and Paper for Bookmaking and Beyond”, paper and metal will be altered and you will make a chunky book using watercolor paper, canvas, metal and embellishments.




Steph Rue is an artist who works primarily with handmade papers and books. Using a traditional Korean method called “bojagi” you will design a patchwork of art using paper scraps in the workshop “Paper Bojagi”. In “East Asian Binding Sampler”, you will create a set of five binding models using various methods of East Asian side stitch binding.


Mixed media artist Margo Klass will be teaching “Woven Spine Bindings” to make some chunky books that are more sculptural objects than functional books, although they can be both.




A self-taught naturalist, Rebecca Chamlee’s “Impressions of Nature: The Art of Nature Printing” explores a variety of processes to create prints on paper with fresh and pressed plant materials.



For those of you who are daunted by the task of binding an edition of books you have designed and printed, Sandy Tilcock’s “Edition Binding  – How it All Stacks Up” will help you learn techniques, templates, tips and tricks to help you maintain accuracy and consistency in binding your edition




Jackie Wygant, a FOBA favorite, will be teaching many interesting techniques using dyes for making hand decorated papers. Techniques include ice dye, fold n’ dye, tie dye, shibori, scrunch dye, discharge dying, sun dry dye, contact texture dye, gravity ombre, bubble print with dye and more.


Stephanie Newman and Sukha Worob will be teaching a letterpress workshop: “Fast Max:  Letterpress Maxim Accordion Book”. In this workshop you will develop, illustrate, print and bind individual 6 page accordion books.





If you love pop-up books that appear to leap or pop out of a book as viewers unfold, open and turn the pages, this is the workshop for you. Marilyn Stablein’s workshop, “Pop Up Explosion Books and Structures”, will cover 3 variations of explosion pop-ups books.



Bonnie Stahlecker’s “Slate Accordion” workshop is based on the construction of school writing tablets, fashioned of slate tiles and lashed together in pairs. The “Modern Slip Book” workshop will explore the format of slip books inspired by the ancient Chinese books that were made from narrow slips of bamboo tied together with string.




In Angela Batchelor’s “Collagraph: Beyond the Print” workshop you will learn about this low-tech printmaking process, construct a collagraph plate, produce sheets of blind embossment and create an accordion book.




Think you can’t draw? Kristen Doty challenges that thinking in her “Drawing for Everyone (especially those who think they can’t draw)” workshop. The focus will be on learning to see, and getting that down on paper in different ways for a variety of effects from gestural sketching to more realistic illustration.




Wondering about how to create just the right closure for your book, Elissa Campbell’s “Find Closure” experiments with a variety of ways to secure them, including leather straps, sticks, and metal hardware.