Slate Accordions





Instructor: Bonnie Stahlecker
Skill Level: All Levels
Materials Fee: $35.00
Length of workshop: 3 days

Date: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, June 26, 27 and 28, 2019



Workshop description:

The slate accordion is based on the construction of school writing tablets, fashioned of slate tiles and lashed together in pairs. This method of binding produced a very flexible hinge, allowing children to fold the slates forward or backward. In this workshop, the books will be constructed of two to four panels of binder’s board with collages on the front side and paste paper on the backside. In keeping with the original format, the panels will have framed edges and curved corners. Participants will first create two to four collages using various techniques, including stencils. The collages can be individual units or act as one interrupted entity. On the second day, the participants will create the paste papers for the opposite side, using colors and patterns to match the collage elements. On the last day, the holes will be drilled so the panels can be bound together with waxed thread and flexible stitching. Participants will learn collage and stencil techniques, how to do paste papers, a nifty way to cover curved corners, and the unique stitching pattern to make one slate accordion. The book is 8.5” in height and 24” long when displayed. This class might include some homework.

Materials/equipment to be supplied by students:
2 glue brushes – approximately 1” and .5”
Teflon folder – a folding bone will do if it has a square end)
X-acto knife and new blades
utility knife and new blade
cutting mat
metal ruler – 12”
metal triangle – small, with a 90 degree corner
scissors – a small good one; l like the 4-inch Gingher brand found at Joann Fabrics
collage materials like old maps, old ledgers, old book pages, magazine pages, printed proofs, calligraphy doodles, origami paper, etc.
your favorite mark making tools – calligraphy pens, ruling pens, micro pens, color pencils, etc.
stencils – one or more of your choice
acrylic paints – 5-8 of your favorite colors, small tubes
paint brushes –  2-3 medium ones and one tiny one
book weights (paper-covered brick provided by FOBA)
waste paper – newsprint, 18” x 24”, at least 15 sheets
PVA—at least 4 oz.
blotters—7” x 9”, at least 16 sheets
–Look at collage work done by others to get some ideas. The collages can be individual units, like portraits, or act as one interrupted entity, such as a landscape.

reading glasses

Materials/equipment to be provided by instructor:
binder’s board
thin board
Arches Text paper
4-ply waxed thread
paint mixing and water cups
paste paper tools
spray bottles
containers for PVA and paint
pressing boards
wax paper
Dremel drills and bits
brass folding strips
other small tools