Volunteers are always needed to help with setting up the conference before it starts and taking it down when it is over. Some of these set-up and take-down activities are physical.

In addition to setting up and taking down the conference, here are some of the other volunteer opportunities during the FOBA Conference:

  • Supporting the raffle and other activities occurring in our main information area.
  • Directing attendees to the check-in area.
  • During the conference “class helpers” are needed to pass out workshop and conference evaluations, and then pick them up and return them to the information desk area.
  • Helping with various events and activities taking place during the conference. This may be directing people to the event, helping people to make a small project and other support at an activity or event.

If you’d like to volunteer during the conference contact Cheryl Ball at volunteer@focusonbookarts.org or Jean Wyatt at conferenceinfo@focusonbookarts.org