We are pleased to give you a peek at the classes we’ll be offering at the 2022 conference.


Workshop Catalog – March 2022

Registration Begins – April 2022

Pietro Accardi

Pietro Accardi returns to FOBA with marbling opportunities for all levels of experience. He will
introduce marbling with metallics this year, along with marbling on textiles and paper. He will also teach the construction of a secretary box with drawers, niches, and hinges.

• Introduction to Western Marbling
• Marbling Lab: Metallics & Overmarbling
• Marbling on Textiles
• Secretary Box

Rhiannon Alpers

Rhiannon Alpers is offering two beginner level workshops: a versatile fieldwork sketchbook for use in the studio or out in the field, and a miniature specimen enclosure for those interesting things one collects along the way.

• Fieldwork Sketchbook
• Miniature Specimen Enclosure

Mary-Ellen Campbell

Traveling the world, Mary-Ellen Campbell has honed her mixed media art books and will be teaching folded and sewn methods for binding single sheets, and cyanotype and rusting techniques for books.

• Artbound Binding for Single Sheets 
• Cyanotype and Rusting for Books

Gabby Cooksey

Have you struggled with photo transfers? Gabby Cooksey will walk you through the process so that you are able to consistently produce successful images.

• How to do Photo Transfers

Kristen Doty

You will have the opportunity to make a sketchbook and learn techniques to fill it with drawings of objects and letter forms with Kristen Doty.

• Drawing and Lettering Sketchbook

Elsi Vassdal Ellis

We are fortunate to welcome Elsi Vassdal Ellis, recently retired from Western Washington University. She will be teaching three one-day classes which include “print making” through the use of rubbings, 3 variations of non-adhesive stick bindings, and an adhesive structure that activates the text block when opened.

• Humble Rubbings
• Moving Step Binding
• Stick Bindings

Helen Shafer Garcia

Helen Shafer Garcia, an award winning illustrator, will teach water media approaches for book structures with a focus on watercolor monotypes to be bound in a wood cover and an open spine end band book. A woven stitch collagraph book will explore both making collagraphs and weaving an open spine.

• Watermedia for Book Structures
• Woven Stitch Collagraph Book

Karen Hanmer

The intriguing medieval slinky book will be taught by Karen Hanmer. She will also teach two types of basic endbands, and two playful structures: the Jacob’s ladder and the hinged triangle book.

• Medieval Slinky Book
• 2 Playful Structures: Jacob’s Ladder &  Hinged Triangle Book 
• 2 Basic Headbands

Andrew Huot

Andrew Huot returns to us by popular demand, with a modern twist on a 16th century pierced vellum binding and archival boxes and enclosures to house a variety of types of collections and fragile objects.

• Archival Boxes and Enclosures
• Pierced Paper Binding

Genevieve Kaplan

Are you a writer, or would like to improve your creative writing skills? Genevieve Kaplan, a poet, scholar, and bookmaker, will teach creative writing for book artists.

• Creative Writing for Book Artists

Margo Klass

An elegant Coptic bound flitch book enclosing fine papers in Alaskan birch covers will be taught by Margo Klass, a popular instructor and mixed media artist from Alaska.

• Coptic Bound Flitch Book

Roberta Lavadour

Roberta Lavadour will teach a new take on the accordion book turning it inside out with a reversible hinge to provide a range of reading and display possibilities, and a book in a day, suitable for beginners or experienced book binders.

• Book in a Day
• The Reversible Accordion Book

Susan Lowdermilk

Travel through time with Susan Lowdermilk’s tunnel book in which you will write, print and construct a tunnel book based on travel and perspective. She will also join Peter Thomas in guiding participants through the entire process of making an editioned artist book; from pulp to print.

• A Journey in Time Tunnel Book
• Pulp to Print (with Peter Thomas)

Casey Newman

Casey Newman, an ecologist and natural textile dyer, joins us from her farm outside of Portland to teach botanical printing to create a nature-inspired book, and indigo dyeing on fabric and paper.

• Botanical Printing & Nature Book
• Indigo Dyeing Fabric and Paper

Bonnie Thompson Norman

Bonnie Thompson Norman insists the world isn’t flat and books don’t have to be either. Students will create book structures that stand alone and can be read and viewed in the round.

• Book in the Round

Shawn Sheehy

Shawn Sheehy returns to FOBA to teach his always innovative and clever pop-up and movable techniques. You can focus on the basics with movable or pop-up fundamentals or combine them all together in a cabinet of paper mechanical curiosities.

• Cabinet of Paper Mechanical Curiosities
• Moveables Fundamentals
• Pop-up Fundamentals

Jessica Spring

Letterpress printer, Jessica Spring, will “make the rounds” in a workshop that uses a variety of tools to compose type in circles, curves and angles. In her second workshop, students will create faux postage stamps with handset type on gummed, perforated paper.

• Mail Call
• Making the Rounds

Peter Thomas

Utilizing the format of a scroll Peter Thomas will introduce new possibilities for artists’ books including
past uses, mechanics and new models and applications. He will also join Susan Lowdermilk in guiding participants through the entire process of making an editioned artist book, from pulp to print.

• Miniature Scroll Structures
• Pulp to Print (with Susan Lowdermilk)

Naomi Velasquez

We’re happy to welcome Naomi Velasquez back to FOBA to teach students how to re-purpose books by turning them into a unique new sketchbook or journal with a Coptic binding and to learn the secret Belgian binding, a glue-less binding that lies flat when open.

• Re-purposed Coptic Book
• Secret Belgian Binding

Marilyn Zornado

Marilyn Zornado, a book artist, calligrapher and animator, will teach students the pleasure and perils of making round boxes with plenty of tips and tricks.

• Round Boxes