Fast Max: A Letterpress Maxim Accordion Book in 3 Days





Instructor: Stephanie Newman and Sukha Worob
Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
Materials Fee: $40.00
Length of workshop: 3 days

Date: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, June 26, 27 and 28, 2019



Workshop description:

Letterpress print and bind a single, rich, individual 6-page accordion book in just 3 days. Each participant is asked to select a maxim, folk saying, or proverb before coming to the class as the subject of his or her book. Using this saying takes away the pressure to write innovative copy and connects to both history and culture. It allows participants to focus on creativity and originality in the way they express their saying visually. They will seek associations with their saying using the available type and images as text and illustration. Large wood type, medium type, and small text-sized metal type, as well as a wide variety of vintage image cuts will be available to print. Each individual will decide how to divide up the words, whether or not to present the saying in its entirety on any one page, spread it throughout the six pages, or follow some other method – repeat words, build up layers, use visual rhythm, etc. In its reliance on found objects, in this case “found” letterforms and imagery available in the workshop, the project challenges participants to force-fit connections. Often printing is used to create multiples that are exactly alike. In this workshop, letterpress printing will be the medium used to create one-of-a-kind artists’ books.

In the workshop, there will be several ways to print background color. The background will add atmosphere and visual cohesiveness to the pages. Image and text will be included with three additional overprinted ink colors per book. Pages will be printed individually or in pairs and attached into a longer sheet using acid free glue sticks. The main covers will be assembled without adhesive using the tension of folded paper. Additional printed elements may be added to the covers and pages using glue sticks. The final result will be a single, fine art, letterpress-printed, hand bound book for each participant.

Materials/equipment to be supplied by students:
text for copy: several possibilities of a maxim, saying, or proverb found prior to class
acid free glue stick
cork backed metal ruler
scrap paper for use in gluing: a pad of newsprint will work well, or old office paper
nail brush
bar of Lava soap
roll of masking tape
roll of “invisible” tape
X-acto knife handle for #11 blades

Materials/equipment to be provided by instructor:
Precut Lettra paper for text pages
paper in a selection of colors for covers
acid free light weight board for covers
Caligo inks
ink mixing knives
Nitrile gloves for cleanupv
Scott Rags in a Box
2 pads of 19” x 24” tracing paper
100 #11 x-acto knife blades
6 small letterpresses
fine pointed tweezers
several fonts of wood type in different sizes
several cases of metal type in text sizes (8-14 points)
3 cases of antique and vintage ornaments
an assortment of photopolymer images
bases for printing photo polymer images
quoins for lockup
reglet and furniture for lockup
spacing material