Three is a Magic Number





Instructor: Elissa Campbell
Skill Level: Intermediate
Materials Fee: $30.00
Length of workshop: 2 days



Have you always wanted to give Keith Smith’s bindings a try, but the diagrams make your head spin? Then this workshop’s for you! In this workshop, you’re going to work through nine of Smith’s 3-section bindings, using only leather, paper, and thread – no glue needed!


Each binding involves sewing pages directly through a leather cover and each creates a different decorative pattern on the spine. These bindings are very flexible and allow the books to open completely flat. You’ll ease into each binding by practicing on a paper template first, then you’ll use what you’ve learned to sew the book. In addition to learning various stitches, you’ll also try out different closure methods for each book.


While all of the bindings include three sections, the last book will include nine – you’ll learn how to adapt a 3-section binding to create a larger book by repeating the pattern. You’ll be binding all of your sewing templates into your final book, and this will be a great reference for future work.


You’ll leave this workshop with a basic knowledge of bookbinding technique. You will receive a detailed handout and resource list for all materials used.


Date: Saturday and Sunday, June 24 and 25, 2017


Materials/equipment to be supplied by student
bone folder
metal ruler (18″)
X-Acto knife
cutting mat
needles (2)
weight (bean bag is fine)
scotch tape
45/45/90 triangle.


Japanese hole punch with 1.5 mm & 3.0 mm bits
OR eyelet punch with 1/16″ & 1/8″ bits
rotary cutter
gridded ruler.


Materials/equipment to be provided by instructor
paper for pages
hole punches


Prerequisite experience/skills needed for class:
How to thread a needle and wax the thread
How to fold paper using a bone folder and assemble signatures

Has made, independent of a class:
Long stitch book


Other prerequisites
Have a sense of humor. 🙂

Three is a Magic Number Materials$30.00
Location Focus on Book Arts
1928 21st Avenue
Forest Grove OR 97116