Texture Screening





Instructor: Cindy Shaw
Skill Level: All Levels
Materials Fee: $25.00
Length of workshop: 1 day



Workshop description:

Using a silkscreen we will place textures such as, leaves, stencils, corrugated cardboard, textured cloth, and doilies, to name a few, under the screen. Then using fiber reactive dyes with a thickener, transfer the texture onto papers and/or cloth, releasing the dye making beautiful one-of-a-kind designs. I will teach various techniques using different tools to get some stunning screened art to use in your own art. Come with an open mind to explore this medium. It can get a little messy so be prepared! Happy accidents welcome and ask yourself what if……?


Date: Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Materials/equipment to be supplied by student:

rubber gloves
hair dryer

padding for the table: one old flat twin bed sheets and one old light-weight blanket from a thrift store

can be folded to make a good padded surface; the sheet and blanket should be smooth as any texture will be picked up in the screening process; the sheet and blanket will pick up a lot of dye in this process and cannot be used again as bedding textures to screen

making your own stencils is ideal to make your pieces more personal; use durable material so the stencil can be used repeatedly

papers such as watercolor, drawing, tissue: sizes can vary and large pieces are great for screening multiple times and layering; white and light colored papers are best

a few different sizes and shapes of paint brushes
foam brushes


Materials/equipment to be provided by instructor:

all dyes and ingredients for screening
prepared cotton
textures to share

Texture Screening Materials$25.00
Location Focus on Book Arts
1928 21st Avenue
Forest Grove OR 97116